Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Street Style (yet).

Okay last post on BIFF&BIL, promises (actually it probably won't be, but let's pretend).

This was from the TGMA & Textile show, so all pretty casual ready-to-wear.
I might just have really bad timing with my shots, but a lot of the models look less than excited to be wearing this stuff. Oh wait no, they're just looking 'fierce.'
And this was TGMA's Young Fashion line (we know because they walked to "Call Me Maybe").

I would totally wear this (maybe with different shoes). 
The guy still looks sad, but I feel like she knows she's rocking that outfit.
She maybe less so. 
But she definitely does. 
And then the most bizarre show, with clothes people can never wear in Thailand because it is too hot here. 
Which I guess would be fine, because of like, traveling and international buyers. Except isn't this also all pretty last season?
We were pretty confused by it all. 

We missed pretty much Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan's entire show because we got distracted at the snack station (free pastries!). 
So we ran backstage and asked the models for a picture instead. They didn't seem at all annoyed about having to put their heels back on... No, actually they were all super sweet to us! One even gave me a heads up that I had crumbs all down my shirt. Just kidding. (Maybe).

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