Friday, April 5, 2013


The search has come to an end! We have looked high and low, near and far, read through thousands (zero) of the applications (there weren't any)! After much deliberation, fashion yeses and fashion noes we have found my fashionable friend! It was truly love at first sight, well more like I spotted legs wearing my pants and hunted them down like a jungle animal. More like my mom did. If I was a jungle animal I would be like the monkey that makes a lot of noise, but when it comes down to confrontation I grab my bananas and go! Didn't inherit my mama's tiger technique.
I would also be the monkey who was dropped from the tree at birth because I totally forgot my fashionable friend's name and the piece of paper I wrote it on. What I do remember though is that he was the choreographer of some of the fashion shows at BIFF&BIL!
He clearly is a lot more fierce than me, but hey I am the 5secondmemory monkey binging on bananas in the tallest tree so somebody has to be the king of the fashion jungle!

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