Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Re: Additional Information

Our inbox was inundated with fashionable friend applications last night (obviously), many of which requested a little more information about Julia's looks. I mean, the pictures you guys have of her are small and only of her face. But don't worry! While at BIFF & BIL in Bangkok I totally got a sneaky photo or two of her. 
Coloring all wrong? Are you rocking something more of the ghostly pale blonde thing? No worries, maybe you can be my fashionable friend instead!
Okay here's a photo of the two of us for real though, posing up against a wall. Everyone totally thought we were there as models.
Okay, fine. Maybe the general reaction to us was a little more, "Who are those tall white chicks and why do their business cards look like they were made in an elementary school art class?" (homemade is trendy again, no? Or... no?)

And I think we really impressed everyone by completely geeking out when Dian Pelangi talked to us. She is so sweet and gracious!
But... what's THIS?! Has Julia actually ALREADY FOUND her fashion twin?!?!?!
 Remember, they don't just need to dress alike, they have to look alike too. More on this tomorrow! 


  1. slivs, your shoes. (julia's too!) i love them. i am dying. who are you!

  2. hahaha no, more like julia bought crazy shoes so i couldn't go flip flops like i had planned (actually there was a dress code, otherwise we probably both would have gone in flip flops. WHATever).