Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wanted: Fashionable Friend

 Dear readers, it has become very clear that the biggest trend in Chiang Mai is to dress exactly like your friend. At first I thought it was cute and coincidental, but now I really don't think it is. Honestly, the number of people I see, well dressed or not, who look like the people in their entourage is impressive. And it's not like just matching tee-shirts or they are both wearing sunglasses, no sir, these people have meticulously matching outfits. I mean check out these ladies: wide rim hats; coral item made of light-weight fabric; white top, large shoulder bag, maxi skirt/dress. Plus their faces are so similar too (that is not a racist comment because they are both Chinese, it is because they actually look the same)

So our lovely, readers I send to you a proposition, I am looking for someone to be my fashionable friend. (I would ask Silvia but if you have ever seen a photo of the two of us, we don't look a like, like at all) Requirements include: looking like me, and ability to create matching outfits that we can wear around Chiang Mai. The selected candidate will be remunerated by the approval of fashionable Chiang Maiians (That's not a real word, I made it up) and you'll feel the pleasure of being trendy. So please send your letter of motivation and CV to us here at HighThai

 Here is a game: spot the difference between the two photos. Send us your answer and we'll post you a Quiznos club card (maybe) Terms and Conditions Apply (not really)

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