Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brush with Celebrity [Shoes]

People in Chiang Mai are for the most part super friendly and helpful, and so far everyone Julia and I have asked to photograph has been been really sweet about it. Like, no one has rolled their eyes or laughed in our faces (yet). But there's still always that awkward moment when I'll be staring at someone trying to decide if I should approach them for a photo and they are clearly all like, "why is that foreign girl looking at me like that, she's the one with the gross hair, I should be staring at HER" (which is totally fair since I haven't had a haircut since August). Like, one time I was checking out a girl's purse and I guess I was focusing on it a little too intensely because she looked alarmed, clutched it tightly and walked away from me really quickly. I was about to run after her to explain that I was only going to PHOTOGRAPH her purse not STEAL it, but then I realized that chasing after her might not be the best idea. I mean, I don't think Thai prison is quite as fun as Bridget Jones would have us all believe.

But with this couple there was none of that. They didn't seem at all surprised to see me staring at them, and when I asked for their photo they responded with two sweet, patient smiles. That, along with their good looks and perfect English, makes me think they must be CELEBRITIES. I mean, right?!
I want her top. And her boyfriend.

Okay so maybe they aren't celebrities (but maybe they are!!). When I told Julia about them she said that this woman had the same reaction. Like, she knew she was looking good that day and of COURSE someone was going to want to document it.
And when Julia showed me her picture I was like, well duh she was expecting to be photographed, she's wearing Taylor Swift's shoes!!! 

But apparently Julia isn't caught up on her Swifty news, because she took the detail shot of the watch instead. 

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