Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fashion Yes

Sweetest girl I have photographed for this blog. 
(Okay fine she was also the first. But so nice!)

Man, these Thai girls know what is up when it comes to posing for photos.

Well, for the most part. 

Me: "Sorry, do you speak English? Can we take your photo for our fashion blog?"

Girl with the apple pants: "Fashion yes."

I'm not entirely sure what turns a normal yes into a fashion yes, but it could have something to do with awesome velvet platforms. At any rate, I'm totally on board. Like, do you think this watch goes with this bracelet? Fashion yes. Do you want to go shopping this weekend? Fashion yes. Should we ask the girl in the metallic shorts for her photo? Fashion yes.

Thanks apple pants girl, you are a totes fashion yes in our book blog <3 And fingers crossed that's not a condom wrapper you're standing on (^). 

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