Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why Not?

Why not.... wear a rainbow scarf?
put on a denim skirt?

slip into some mesh shoes?

So in love with the people of Chiang Mai rocking their own styles.

Also just to be clear, these captions are totally meant to be read to the tune of Hilary Duff's most awesome song ever, after which this post is (obviously) titled. Not that anyone could possibly need a refresher, but you know, the song that's all like:

You think you're going nowhere
when you're walking down the street
Acting like you just don't care
when life could be so sweet
So why you wanna be like that,
This is nothing new
You're not foolin no one
you're not even foolin you

So walk a little slower
and open up your eyes
sometimes its so hard to see
the good things pass you by
There may never be a sign
no flashing neon light
tellin you to make your move
or when the time is right (so)

why not (Why not)
take crazy chance
why not (Why not)
do a crazy dance
if you lose the moment
you might lose a lot
so why not why not

(why not take a crazy chance, why not take a crazy chance)

Hilary continues with a reminder that you always dress in yellow, when you wanna dress in gold (how did she KNOW??) and warning that you'll never get to heaven, or EVEN TO LA, if you don't believe there's a waaaaay. Like seriously, so thankful to have had this wisdom shared with me as a teenager. I really hope kids these days are getting similar support from Miley Cyrus  Selena Gomez  Demi Lovato .... wait, you guys, who IS the reigning Disney Channel queen these days??? 

Okay, now go and youtube all of Hilary Duff's old music videos, we know you want to (but maybe don't read the comments because they will make you feel SO OLD). 

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