Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Mensa

So we've talked about fashion genius and those days when you just know someone is going to want to take your picture. But what about those people for whom fashion genius is no fleeting thing, like, actual fashion geniuses? You know, people who aren't just trying to sound modest when they say, "What this old thing? I threw this on while rushing out the door this morning. I mean, I'm just glad I didn't put it on inside out!" (Yes, totally guilty of saying this. And no, it has never been true). But the maddening thing about real fashion geniuses is how freaking awesome they look even on their "off days."

When I asked this woman for her photograph she just looked at me blankly: "This outfit? No, no, no, this outfit is no good!"

I just stared at her back: "But, but your skirt! Your hat! YOUR PHONE CASE MATCHES YOUR SHOES!!!!!"

So eventually she took pity on me and was all like, "Well if you must..."
And now while she goes off to her fashion Mensa meeting I'm going to go home and wallow in a pile of my ugly, ugly clothes. WHY CAN'T I BE LIKE HER????

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