Monday, March 18, 2013

Flight Style

 Chiang Mai and Bangkok are only an overnight bus or train ride apart, but to save some time and avoid being completely exhausted all weekend (does anyone ever actually sleep on overnight journeys?) we decided to fly to Bangkok this time. I was also more than happy to fly because oh man, I LOVE flying.

There's just something about airports. They are filled with people from all over, who could be going anywhere in the world, but for a few hours everyone is together in one random, not really a country, transit place. And airports are all so similar to each other, too. Like, when people ask me what my favorite country is, I kind of just want to say airports. I mean, I know flying is supposed to be exhausting, stressful, and uncomfortable. So maybe I'm just crazy. Or maybe I'm suffering from a little Pavlovian conditioning, as my family flew a lot while I was growing up, and my mother always bribed good behavior from me with small gifts and/or duty free candy. Thanks, Mamma.

But my mother did always have one strict rule for flying: no sweatpants. I think she had a deep-seated fear that when she got married and had children she would become part of those families who power through airports in matching pastel sweatsuits. A real thing, or just my mother's imagination? Regardless, it had me thinking, how dressed up or down should we be at airports? I mean, the glamorous air travel days of Pan Am and SAS are long gone, so should we just pull on our comfiest pajama bottoms and stumble sleepily to our seats? Well, I checked out the fashion scene at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport and found a little more going on than sweatpants.

Chic, but are those shoes practical enough for lugging around all that luggage? She's probably a pro on stilettos, though. 
Speaking of pros:
The tallest people I've photographed for the blog by far. Like, when they stood up I actually stumbled backwards in awe and did not even know how to hold my camera to get the shot. 
These kids were rocking the more casual lines of chic, in probably a lot more airport friendly footwear. 
And a dress is basically the same as a nightgown, comfort wise, right? 
But I think these girls really nailed it. Plenty of layers in case the air conditioning on the flight is out of control, non-fussy hairstyles, not too many accessories to remove when going through security, and fashionably practical shoes. Totally stealing one of these outfits for my next flight. 

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