Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Boom! There you have it, little Miss Rory Gilmore's alter ego.
I don't know where to start with this girl's outfit; the hat, the hair, the shirts, the purse, the pants, the shoes! Her entire outfit is catwalking the samplesizemodel thin line of uber fashionable and ultimate fiasco: it's an UF/UF outfit. It's the kind of outfit that puts my fashion senses on edge. Kind of like how I feel when I mistaken hipsters for homeless people or homeless people for hipsters. You know when you see an outfit and you think "if the littlest thing in that outfit was out of place, like an undone button or had a speck of lint, it would be a disaster, but since it is free of what should be completely insignificant flaws, it is rocking and raging". It's the feeling you get when you are unsure if the person's style is a result of dernier cri* or la derniere crise**, but decide that it is fashionable none the less.

In this outfit the UF/UF feeling is probably rooted in the combination of patters. The plaid, dots, words and lines are a lot for the fashion senses to handle. But the colour scheme works, like a newspaper it is black, white and re(a)d all over. I think if she had worn red socks it would have put this outfit closer to the UF side than the UF side ;)
No doubt she is pulling it off though. I praise and awe those who walk the UF/UF line. Keep trailblazing!

Let's learn some French because it is totally relevant for a fashion blog in Thailand! Just kidding its not but anyways....
*dernier cri = latest fashion  
**la derniere crise = the last crisis

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