Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh Hey Miss Gilmore

I don't know why, but this girl totally reminds me of Rory Gilmore (you know, from the favorite show of all nerdy girls in the 2000s)

Of course I'm kidding, we ALL know why she is Rory. She's dressed up ready to go to a party or cute hangout, and she's BRINGING HER BOOK. I think when Rory first explained to her crush that she always brings a book with her to every dance, social gathering, and pretty much place ever, at least half of my friends were shouting at their TV "I DO THAT TOO!!" whereas the other half were like "I NEED TO START DOING THAT!!" Because Rory was the coolest, and books are the best. 
I mean, is there a better fashion accessory? Olympia Le-Tan and Kate Spade agree, while taking pity on fashionistas who don't actually want to be lugging around heavy books by creating their book clutch collections. I want them all. 
Also, Rory wasn't alone. We'll show you her friend's outfit tomorrow! 

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