Saturday, March 30, 2013

We're moving to Jakarta

Here are the rest of our photos from Dian Pelangi's collection (well, the ones that weren't too blurry to post. We might have to work some more on our photography skills...). We were seated next to the designer's husband, who was acing the role of overexcited hubby, trying to both photograph and film the show at the same time, even though he knew there were professionals already on top of it. Seriously, they must have the cutest family albums. He also chatted with us a bit about the collection, explaining a little about Muslim fashion in Indonesia and the importance of accessories and headpiece styling when presenting modest outfits.

All we can say is, it worked. Seriously, culture and religion aside, we want this entire collection in our wardrobes, like now.

So who else is going to go out right now to buy some flowing dresses and pants and twirl their hair up in colorful scarves? And those parasols? Fashion yes please!

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