Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Like mother, like daughter

Remember mom jeans? Like, there's supposed to be a thing about making fun of 'mom style,' right? Except my mother is ridiculously beautiful (thanks, dad for giving me ALL of your genes) and has the cutest clothes ever. I want them all, even the stuff I've only coveted through old photo albums. Like the hand-knit sweater vest she rocked through the 1970s? Love it. Her huge glasses in the 1980s? WHY do I have to have perfect vision?? And I'm sorry, but her high waisted jeans in the 1990s were awesome and I have maybe definitely spent the past few months scouring vintage shops for a similar pair. Call me crazy, or just too influenced by Topshop's telling me that mom jeans are back, but I love my mom's style and only hope I can learn to rock textures and patterns half as expertly as she does. 

But for now, I'll just be content admiring other mother-daughter pairs who have aced each other's styles. Adorable, no?

P.S. I'm totally going to be spending this weekend in Bangkok with Julia and her mom, so I'll try my best to take a photo on the sly of the two of them to see how they complement each other. Fingers crossed you guys! xx

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