Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's tru-man!

"If you can't convince them, confuse them"- Harry Truman
We are just on a roll with these quotes!~
 It seems that clothing companies in non-Anglophone countries have taken Mr Truman's words to heart.  In my travels to foreign  countries I often see clothing with random and weird English phrases. Most of the time they are a bunch of random English words strung together or are phrases that are so close to being real sentences Anglophones would say but still so far away from the linguistic reality. It's as if the clothing companies are telling customers "Hey!! Buy this shirt because it has English words on it, which will convince people you understand English!!!! And if that doesn't work, we randomly chose these words so they don't actually make ANY sense, so your shirt will certainly grab a lot of attention for being so darn confusing!!!

This girl's shirt features I am a good girl with BAD; however, it is bolts up a level in poor English with the sense of intrigue created by the sentence fragment. I wonder if the shirt was more expensive because of the heightened confusion it creates?! She is a good girl with Bad what?! I need to know! What is this dark secret that she is hiding from the Anglophone world?! Bad behavior? Bad breath? Bad grades? I almost want to hunt her down to find out! Now, I don't know this girl's English proficiency and whether she knows the sincere interest her shirt creates, but it is a brilliant example of Harry Truman's words. Her shirt does not convince me one bit that she speaks and understands English but I am so confused I want to find out more. 
On a totally different note, the brilliant matching of denim styled shoes and denim styled pants is a fresh take on the denim on denim trend.You don't need to speak English to understand that.
Cute and fresh horizontal look, which is neither convincing of anything or confusing.
Nail art. It's crazy cool. Will spend the next few days finding more examples to make a full post!

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