Saturday, March 2, 2013


You guys, HATS. 
Okay, I know Julia already did a post on hats, but that's when we thought they were just cute fashion accessories. But oh no, they are so, SO much more. It's regularly been reaching 100 degrees (or 38 according to Julia) in Chiang Mai this past week, which might sound nice and tropical vacationy to most people, but Julia and I are used to Canadian and Norwegian summers "summers." It is so hot here. And everyone is still layering in sweaters and denim jackets? HOW ARE THEY NOT ALWAYS FAINTING?! 
I think it's the hats. About the same time the temperature spiked, I started seeing these large floppy hats everywhere. They must have some sort of magical cooling powers. I am so buying one. 

Also, I totally have those heart flip flops, except mine are bright pink with a white heart. (I thought about uploading a photo, but I did pointe for seven years so you do not want to see a close up of my feet). I bought them here in Chiang Mai in what was kind of a weird inverse of Julia's experience buying gadibas in Burma. 
When I went into the shop the shopkeeper gave me a look like, "oh no sweetie, we do NOT have anything that will fit you here," I guess because I'm pretty tall (a tree by Asian standards). EXCEPT I actually have disproportionately tiny, Asian-sized feet. So I picked out the shoes I wanted and brought them to the shopkeeper to pay, but she was just like, "No. No, too small. No big sizes. No." I tried to explain that I wasn't looking for another size and wanted to buy these shoes and would she PLEASE JUST TAKE MY MONEY, but she would. Not. Have it. So finally I slipped them on my feet to show her that they fit and she just stared at me speechless and quickly took my money like suddenly she was SCARED of my non-enormous feet. Like thanks.